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This is Eversafe, leading Shelf Stable Ready to Eat Meal
manufactured by The Wornick.



Made for adventure!

The amazing outdoor meals.. reloaded!

When it comes to MREs, there are a few brands that stand behind their own claims, and that can truly prove themselves to be ready for anything. Among these is the brand "Eversafe."

Box Types

Each box will come with a total of 12 Eversafe meals inside. Each case includes six different meal menus, meaning that you get two of each type. This helps prevent you from being bored with what you have gotten.

Each of the boxes will be stamped with a date that they were packed, and may also have a date that they were inspected. It is important to check these dates to ensure that the meals are in date, but also to ensure that stock is rotated in your own storage area.

Each box should be sufficient for storing the meals, and it is not recommended to take them out of the box unless necessary. The durable cardboard is reinforced to keep everything in place for several years.

Each of the MREs will be individually packaged and clearly marked. This makes it easy to choose meals, but also to inventory what is left and keep track of any changes.


The current flavours available for the different meals are spaghetti, chilli macaroni, chicken with noodles, chilli and beans, spicy penne pasta, and vegetable lasagna. Each of these main entrees is at least 230 calories, with most of them averaging 250 calories.

The snack options consist of peanut butter, ranger or granola bars, crackers, cheese spread, and cinnamon imperials. These snacks and spreads tend to make up another 800 or so calories, making them an essential part of the meal.

The drink options are usually cappuccino drinks that are 120 calories, and instant coffee which has no calories. These need to be made with potable water but can be made in any container.

Of these flavours, the crowd favourites are usually the chicken with noodles, the spaghetti, the jalapeno cheese spread, pepperoni pizza crackers, and Irish cream cappuccino drinks.

Included In Each MRE

Inside of each MRE is, of course, the main entree, but there are a number of other options inside as well. There is also a beverage, a snack or spread, and a packet filled with everything needed to dine. There will also usually be a small, flameless heater to cook any component that needs to be cooked.

The heaters are water activated, but only take a small amount of water. Many people find that they can use water they would not use for eating to activate these heaters.

Each of the meals is at least 1200 calories, with most weighing in at around 1250 calories. They will sustain a human for a whole day or can be part of a 2500 calorie diet for active individuals. They are nutritionally complete, made to balance everything necessary for continued health.

The packaging will contain information about the ingredients, any allergy warnings, and directions to prepare the food as well. Each and every MRE should be clearly labelled and easy to read. If a package is damaged in a way that makes it impossible to read the information presented, the meal should be discarded as it may no longer be safe to eat.

Overall Shelf Life

The maximum amount of time that there can be marked as safe to eat for is 5 years. However, they last well beyond that, and people have reported good results with bags that were up to 18 years old from this company. However, you should always rotate out your emergency food, and storing them past 5 years is not recommended.

Meals that were within 5 year period tasted fresh and well made. They were easy to eat, easy to prepare, and everything worked well in them. Opening the packet reveals a meal that looks new, with components that have no sign of ageing.

Meals that were 1 month to 5 years old had no change in taste, texture, smell, or size. Any changes in any of these attributes indicate that they are not safe to be eaten and they should instead be discarded at the earliest possible opportunity.

Any punctures to the actual packaging should also result in it being discarded. However, this should be a rare occurrence as MREs are made to be taken into the field and are carefully tested for durability and to the last while under stress.

Overall Impressions

I grew up in a family that had a large number of military members. For this reason, going camping or out into the woods meant taking along MREs. We also had a small stash of meals, ready for any kind of emergency and stored in cars in case of a storm. This has allowed me to try a number of the different meals and to comment on them as well.

Each of the different flavours offered something a little bit different. They were all quite edible, but I found that the noodle based dishes were actually much easier to eat. In addition, the snacks and the spreads were some of the best parts of the meals, while having something warm was especially appealing on colder nights. Anything with cheese in it was highly welcome, while the chilli was my least favourite, but still tasted better than lots of other foods I have tried.

The flavours were all pretty classic, while the penne pasta and chilli mac had a nice twist to them. This made them a welcome break from more basic options, but their traditional base meant that I wasn't afraid to try them. Even as a 6-year old I was willing to eat them and thought that they were pretty good.

The snacks were easy to take along while we were out and about. They were my favourite part both as a kid and an adult. Usually, they complimented the meal as a whole rather well.

I did find the portions rather large when I hadn't been doing a lot of physical activity, but when I was coming back to camp after a long day, they were extremely satisfying and filling, but not too heavy. I was still able to help set up tents, go back out for a hike, or stay awake for a few more hours after eating them.

Cooking them was easy as well. The "stoves" that came with them were easy enough to operate once I was a teenager and they left behind virtually no mess.

The drinks were always coffee based, which I didn't appreciate when I was younger, but I do now. The coffee isn't the best, but it isn't bad either. It is nice and hot and soothing, and a great way to wake up in the morning. Sometimes I just drink water in the evening and save my drink for the morning.

The meals are light, making them easy to carry. They are compact, so they slip into a backpack easily, and they are easy to spot even under a lot of other items. Overall, they are extremely portable.

Closing Thoughts

Eversafe MREs are some of the best MRE options available. They are cheap, delicious, easy to prepare, they clean up without any issues, and they are easy to take with you as well. They last a long time, are easy to check the status of, come in a large variety of flavours, and are trusted by both military and civilians alike. Finally, they work well for family outings, disaster prep, and even just for meals on the go. Please, feel free to visit our store if you would like to buy some Eversafe Meals Ready to Eat.