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This is XMRE, the latest and leading quality MRE Meals
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XMRE Meals

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An MRE is a "Meal Ready to Eat". XMRE is one of the leading manufacturers of these meals. They are most often associated with military service. An MRE is usually what a soldier eats for lunch when they are away from their base. Modern MREs have evolved significantly from the freeze dried packages that military person ate decades ago.

Though the science has changed, the principals are still the same. The goal of any MRE is to keep soldiers full, to give them energy, to have a long shelf life, and to be able to withstand a lot of damage from the environment.

The products from XMRE definitely meet all of these goals, but they take it a step further as well. They strive to make meals that actually taste somewhat decent (a problem most MREs struggle with), that meet specific calorie goals, and that don't require any additional tools to consume. For the most part, they succeed at meeting these goals as well.

One big difference in the XMRE brand is that they aren't targeted specifically at military personnel. Sure, the military does make a large portion of their clientele, but they also work with emergency rescue personnel, survivalists, campers, relief organisations, first responders, and even government organisations. Simply put, any group or individual interested in ready to eat meals that are highly durable and have a long shelf life could benefit from an XMRE meal.

There are certainly a lot of MRE options on the market today. If you've spent any time in the military, then you've probably eaten enough of these meals to have your favourite brands. You've probably even had a few from XMRE.

To someone who has never tried an MRE, they may all seem the same. Some people don't even know that there is a difference between an MRE and a traditional freeze dried ration, but there is a world of difference. If you're someone who is already working on a collection of dehydrated or freeze dried survival foods, perhaps it's time you considered some XMRE meals as well.

The XMRE Difference

First, let's look at the difference between an XMRE and a traditional freeze dried or dehydrated ration. There is one area where freeze dried rations can be viewed as a superior product, and that is when considering their shelf life. The shelf life of some dehydrated or freeze dried rations can be as high as 30 years or more.

If you're preparing a bunker with food for the long term, then it's a good idea to have some freeze dried or dehydrated options available as well. The shelf life of an XMRE pouch is about 5 years. Some say they can last as long as 7 years. That's still a very long time, so they make a great option for the military, camping, and first responder services.

Shelf life excluded, XMRE has every advantage working for. The major difference between the two options is that an XMRE meal doesn't require any additional tools or components to start eating. As the acronym implies, it is a "meal ready to eat". The packages even come with a spoon, napkin, towelette, condiments, and an optional flameless heater to warm the meal (this one depends on which meal kit you purchase).

An XMRE ration can be eaten hot or cold. In most cases, it's eaten at room temperature. You simply open the pouch and use the included spoon to start enjoying your meal. You don't need a can opener or any other special tools to get to the food like you might with a can of dehydrated rations.

There's also a big difference in the quality of the foods. XMRE isn't going to taste like a gourmet meal. However, it does have a much closer taste to something you would eat at home when compared to a freeze dried meal.

This is thanks in part to the fact that it's sealed after being prepared. Since there's no adding of water to rehydrate the meal, it retains its original flavour, texture, and consistency. In terms of flavour, an XMRE is superior in every way.

They also include a variety of different foods that weren't available in older MRE products and especially weren't available in freeze dried products. For example, they have chilli and macaroni, chicken pesto pasta, and shredded beef with barbeque. These are food products you may have never tried before even if you've had a thousand MREs.

It's obvious that an XMRE is a great choice when compared to dehydrated or freeze dried foods. But what if you aren't sure you need any of these? Are there any advantages to purchasing some MREs if you aren't in the military or some kind of rescue service? Sure there are. Let's look at just a few.

XMRE Benefits For The Average Person

You don't have to be in the military to benefit from purchasing some meals ready to eat. The shelf-life, versatility, and nutritional control of these meals can make them ideal for various situations. Here are some situations where relying on an XMRE might be beneficial.

When going on a camping trip. An XMRE can be a great addition to your camping supplies. Even if you plan on bringing some additional and more traditional food sources, bringing along a few XMRE rations certainly wouldn't hurt.

An XMRE is designed with the military in mind, which means they strive to make them both durable and lightweight. The package will survive a tough trek through nature, and they won't add much weight to your bag. This makes them ideal for the military as well as hikers and campers.

But when might you eat them if you are camping? One option is for a quick lunch while on the trail. Perhaps you aren't yet at your campsite, and you don't want to start a fire to prepare a full meal. You can enjoy a full meal with a specific calorie count without setting up an entire campsite. Everything you need is packed inside an airtight container and is ready to eat.

They also come in handy as a backup survival food. What happens if you are lost in the wilderness, and you've exhausted your existing food supply? Furthermore, what if you cannot start a fire to prepare uncooked food that you might have? In these cases, an XMRE ration makes an excellent survival tool. Each pouch could literally extend your lifespan and increase your chances of finding rescue.

Another group of people who generally benefit from these rations are those who like to prepare for the worst. Whether they are preparing for a nuclear fallout, World War III, a massive natural disaster, or the zombie apocalypse. If they have a basement or bunker where they store water and rations for an emergency, then they could benefit from these packages.

As mentioned earlier, they are great when combined with additional freeze dried or dehydrated rations. You could easily live off of XMRE alone for the first 5 to 7 years and then begin relying on the other rations. Hopefully, in that amount of time, you could find a more reliable and delicious source of food. But you won't have to worry about malnutrition until then because each package contains a full meal.

The Bottom Line

XMRE is making waves in the ready-to-eat meal business with their above-average meals, their targeted calorie counts, and their highly-durable packaging. They are clearly superior to freeze dried meals in almost every way and make a great addition to any survival bunker, emergency supply line, or camping trip. Check our store for the latest XMRE products.