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A brand of premium outdoor foods that is becoming popular is called OMeals. OMeals was originally formulated for the outdoors and was actually created by not only entrepreneurs, but also athletes and outdoors lovers. The creators of OMeals decided upon their product when they realized that what was currently being offered by the markets in the nice was all the same, there was no focus on what the users actually wanted.

The challenge that they now faced was creating meals that were not only able to be eaten while on the go but were also lightweight, hot and of course delicious. After listening to consumers and learning all that they possibly could, OMeals came to life and offered users something brand new that was cost effective and highly functional. The end result of these efforts is that OMeals is now the brand that not only outdoor enthusiasts go to, but also humanitarian groups as well as government relief agencies all over the world.

The products that OMeals offers are of the highest possible quality and are handled, prepared and distributed while meeting the strictest standards that are in place for food safety in this industry. Made in the United States of America, OMeals offers a new found energy to this industry by providing meals and snacks that are shelf stable, healthy, self-heating and can be eaten anywhere and at any time.

The fresh meals and snacks that they offer contain absolutely no preservatives and are packed and ready for those adventurers who are always on the go. Here is a brief review of some of the various self-heating meals that OMeals has to offer.

Homestyle Meals by OMeals

The Homestyle meals that OMeals offers range from six to eight ounces of food that is wholesome and ready to be eaten. All of their home-style meals are fully cooked, they never freeze dry them, they are also shelf stable, self-heating and of course can be eaten anywhere and at any time.

The options on their varied menu include low to even no cholesterol as well as low in sodium content and offer a great source of much needed fiber. The meal pouches basically do not weigh a thing, they are waterproof and flexible meaning that they can easily fit into any sized storage bag and require minimum space, it also means that if they were to get wet, they will not be ruined.

Everything that could possibly be needed is included, the food pouch of course as well as an element for heating and the required utensils. The flameless heating procedure that they use of state of the art and the food can be heated up with the use of only a couple of ounces of water. Here are some of the Homestyle Meals that OMeals has to offer:

1. Lentils with Beef

When you think outdoor meals, lentils and beef may not immediately come to mind. That being said the full bodied flavors include beef, carrots as well as a hint of burgundy and various ideal spices. After an active day, this home-style dish is ideal for refueling. This dish is full cooked and never freeze dried, it is low in cholesterol and high in fiber and features the state of the art flameless heating process that OMeals has become famous for.

Within only three to five minutes the heating process is activated and only requires three to five ounces of liquid to be properly heated. Each of these meals are eight ounces and includes the full cooked food, the heating element, a spoon and of course napkin. Each order from OMeals comes with four packages of lentils with beef.

2. Pasta Fagioli

This entree will basically melt in your mouth and is flavored with savory and sweet Italian seasonings. This classic pasta comfort food has absolutely no artificial flavors and contains beans, vegetarian soy crumble, tangy marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Each unit contains eight ounces of fully cooked food with zero cholesterol and zero Trans fats. Each order contains four packages of delicious pasta fagioli just like grandma made it. Bon Apetite!

3. Southwest Style Chicken

Do love your TexMex lunches? Well this is a south of the border favorite that combines tender chunks of chicken, black beans, corn and rice. Even if the weather is cold, this dish will make you feel as if you were in the warm south. This fully cooked dish has of course never been freeze dried and is an excellent source of iron and fiber. Each of these meals are eight ounces and includes the full cooked food, the heating element, a spoon and of course napkin. Each order from OMeals comes with four packages of southwest style chicken.

4. Vegetable Beef Stew

This choice is very popular and a favorite among OMeals clients, it is a hearty stew that contains generous portions of peas carrots and potatoes. Its rich flavors are developed through a process of slow cooking that will make you feel as if you were having Sunday roast with the family. It has zero Trans fats; it is low in cholesterol and a great source of fiber. Each of these meals are eight ounces and includes the full cooked food, the heating element, a spoon and of course napkin. Each order from OMeals comes with four packages of southwest style chicken.

5. Vegetarian Chili

This is a practical and of course meatless version that is completely different than the traditional dish. Vegetarians rave about this choice that is packed full delicious peppers, beans and varied spices. The eight ounces of fully cooked food found in each unit contains no artificial flavorings, no cholesterol and no Trans fats. Every order comes with four units of this healthy vegetarian chili.

6. Chicken Creole with Brown Rice

This rice entree that is tomato based is quite a tasty number. It is a simple meal that offers a great amount of zest; it is low in cholesterol, has no Trans fats and is an excellent source of fiber. Every order includes four units of eight ounce pouches of fully cooked and savory chicken creole with brown rice.

7. Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal

The old fashioned oats offered by OMeals will definitely make your mornings sweet. They are a warm and hearty breakfast option that is packed with fiber and offers a delicious and highly aromatic maple kick. Starting your day off with this nutritious eight ounce, fully cooked breakfast option that is not only high in fiber content but has no cholesterol and no Trans fats. Each order contains four units of deliciously nutritious maple brown sugar oatmeal.

Adventure Bites

Another great product offered by OMeals is the Adventure bites which are convenient and healthy freeze dried cheddar cheese bites that are packed fill of protein and ready to immediately be eaten while on the go. The ingredients that are used are all natural and high quality to guarantee that each bite provides delicious flavors and excellent textures.

Why choose snacks that are packed full of unhealthy sugars and chemicals when you can opt for the Adventure Bites? Zero preservatives are used in the Adventure bites, they are made with ingredients that are 100% gluten free and are an excellent source of calcium. You can choose from the original chees bites, the smoked cheese bites or the honey habanero cheese bites, either way you are getting a delicious and nutritious little snack while on your adventures.

When it comes to innovation, practicality, health, nutrition and delicious variety, OMeals has nailed it. They found what was lacking in the industry of self-heating meals and have gone above and beyond in bringing exactly that to their clients. When it comes to self-heating meals for the adventurous and lovers of the great outdoors, OMeals is definitely the way to go. Visit our store to check on the latest Omeals self-heating outdoor meals.